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Diving in Montserrat

A portfolio of photos taken on dives in Montserrat

Diving in Montserrat is a unique experience. The island, ravaged by the volcano, offers pristine, unspoilt underwater locations - something rarely seen in the Caribbean nowadays.

What will you see?

Pipefish, Flying Gurnards, Eagle Rays, Hawksbill and Green turtles. And, of course, the occasional shark like the one above. Are these everyday encounters in your dive area? They are frequently seen in Montserrat, where the unspoilt waters provide for a true underwater paradise. Why not take a look at the scorpion fish (photos V) or the rare wolf eel on photos VI). All pictures on this site were taken in the waters surrounding the 'Emerald Isle'.

How do you get there?

Regular plane services run from Antigua to Montserrat's new airport daily. Take a day or two out of your holiday in Antigua to come across and sample how the Caribbean used to be. Check out the National Trust website or the Tourist Board website for further details. Or simply contact me.

Regular updates

This site is regularly updated so please check out the Whats New? section.


All photos were taken with a JVC DVL300 digital video camera in an Ikelite housing. Great camera and great housing - I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to take great shots, but like me, is no photography expert.

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